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A New Paradigm For Corporate Training: Learning In The Flow of Work
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Within a few years all this concern went away, and pioneers proved that this new paradigm was real.

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British Telecom, for example, gave their employees small video recorders and asked them to videotape themselves solving complex customer problems. The Cheesecake Factory did the same thing, and the network of training content exploded in value. And the idea of short-form, user-authored video started to grow. It grew very slowly at first, because companies had no platforms to use.

In the early days video was hard to author Flash was a poor player , but as the iPhone became popular self-authored video became easy. A new paradigm was born. Then a new set of innovative vendors emerged.

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And now these systems are now forming the basis for a whole new LMS industry. While micro-learning makes sense the average employee only has 24 minutes a week to learn [6] , we needed to put it into context, so the new learning platforms also use paths or tracks to arrange content, they are starting to provide machine-driven recommendations, and they are now able to organize and arrange content by role, job title, and competency. This new paradigm, integrating on-demand learning with long form education, is now taking hold.

As companies and vendors became more familiar with the characteristics of micro-learning, many new segments of the market have emerged. Many vendors have started to use the paradigm of Netflix or Spotify, defining learning as a series of playlists or content channels. You publish a lot of content, you subscribe to channels or interest areas, and the content is promoted and recommended to you through job matching, AI-based recommendations, and your own history of consumption. Today most vendors are going in this direction. Their content recommendations are growing in sophistication, and their platforms are becoming more like Netflix every day.

But we have to remember that corporate learning is very different from music and TV. The learning problem is so complex learning technology is far more complex than e-commerce or most other applications in business , we have to design solutions around some paradigm to guide us to a solution.

And this is the paradigm many learning platform vendors are using. Yet there are differences I want to point out. Remember that the consumer design paradigm is based on making you want to consume as much content as possible.

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In fact, some may argue they are trying to get you addicted. In learning the problem is different. In the consumer world we want people to spend more and more time on our content. In the corporate learning world we want them to spend less. Of course people want the opportunity to browse around and find content they like — this is the essential innovation of the internet itself.

And this is where I believe micro-learning and learning experience platforms will go. These are people who understand the basics of their jobs but want pinpoint information, technical answers, code snippets, or quick answers to questions they face right now. I think we can all agree that everyone needs this kind of support. My first book, published in , was on selling skills so it gives me great pleasure to sometimes indulge my passion and provide sales training.

Here are the highlights from the session. The first part of the session focused on the preparation necessary for a fabulous first meeting with a client. Conduct research — We considered the wide range of information required to prepare and also the external and internal sources to be interrogated. Agree aims and agenda — While first meetings are usually about developing rapport and exploring the client and their needs, it is helpful to think about your own aims for the meeting.

noroi-jusatsu.info/wp-content/2020-07-05/1451-iphone-8.php Sending an outline agenda to the client in advance shows that you are enthusiastic about the opportunity to talk and that you respect their time. Anticipate questions — Try to anticipate what the client is likely to ask you so you can be ready with the necessary stories case studies etc and evidence.

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You should also consider the questions you want to ask the client if the opportunity arises. These should be ranked in order so that the most important questions are asked early on in the meeting. Your questions convey your expertise and understanding. So you need to identify how you will add value or provide ideas or insight at the first meeting so that the client values the sales experience and invites you back again. This may take some creative thinking, some strategic consideration and some additional research.

Much better to send some materials over as a follow up after the meeting that reflect the topics you discuss. However, sometimes it helps to take along explanatory charts and diagrams that describe your approach or methodology — these you can discuss with the client and use to pinpoint their particular areas of interest. The second part of the session focused on what needs to happen during the meeting. Arrive early — This is helpful for two reasons — first, because you have time to recover from the journey and adopt a calm and confident attitude. Second, it means you can look around a bit and have a chat with any staff that are around such as receptionists.

These gatekeepers can relay to others how they found any discussions with you and may be able to help you in the future when you need access to decision makers.

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Manage time — Time is precious and there is much to do at a first sales meeting. So we did an exercise to identify what needs to happen and how much time should be allocated to each activity during an hour meeting. In some situations, after the meeting has concluded you may request a tour of the premises or ask to be introduced to other people who were not at the meeting but are relevant to the situation.

Build rapport — Selling is as much about emotion as it is rational choice. DemoChimp provides insight on how your prospect perceives or responds to your messaging so you can align the conversation appropriately even before you engage a lead.

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More than this, DemoChimp lets you deliver personalized videos and documents that are highly relevant to your audience. Equip your sales team with a centralized content management, tracking, and presentation solution designed specifically for sales professionals. Providing an on-demand and always up-to-date content library, DocSend enables your team to engage clients more effectively. By initiating the right conversation at the right time with the right prospects, DocSend helps your team to close more deals faster.

Content is king — in sales as much as in marketing. The right stories can move your prospects to take your desired action. The right visuals can trigger a positive buying decision. Top-of-the-line learning modules can turn newly-hired reps into unstoppable selling machines.

Docurated uses analytics, advanced search algorithms, tagging, machine learning, custom content development, and automations to make it easier for all stakeholders in your sales process to experience the perfect content for every type of situation or engagement. Deliver the impact of account-based content marketing to your sales operations. Enable your sales team to deploy account-specific content and execute campaigns designed for maximum conversion rate for the targeted account.

Leverage native analytics and behavioral triggers to nurture leads across the buyer journey. Knowledge is power, but only if you have the right one at the right time. Guru makes everyone on the team smarter by equipping them with relevant knowledge and resources they need at any point of the sales process. Highspot uses AI and machine learning to manage and deliver content for each unique engagement scenario. Use Highspot to keep sales reps sharp with the right training modules. Implement well-designed playbooks and delight customers with compelling content via email, landing pages or online presentations.

Enable sales managers, teams and customers to discover and act on relevant information or insight. Integrate Highspot into Salesforce and gain real-time data on how prospects and leads respond to your messaging. The quality of your content significantly impact the buying behavior of your prospects, but the manner in which it is delivered also matters. Instead of engaging prospects and closing deals, they spend a big chunk of the day doing paperwork and administrative tasks.

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PandaDoc streamlines your content and documentation workflows using automation, analytics and collaboration. Build, present, edit, track and manage all your documents including contracts and marketing content in one lively place. Prezi is a formidable alternative to presentation titans PowerPoint and Keynote.

Its enterprise variant, Prezi Business uses HTML5 technology and robust collaboration features to compel your audience with adept visual storytelling across multiple devices. It also comes with live leaderboard analytics, commenting support, and powerful design customization features.

The best pitch you have is the long list of satisfied customers in your corner. RO Innovation helps your team tap the power of customer feedback and other sales enablement assets to propel win rates and hike revenue. Integrate RO Innovation with your CRM and other sales tools to give prospects quick access to relevant customer reference and success stories of existing clients.

But even the most efficient salespeople can waste time searching for the right content to send to prospects at the right time. Seismic is an enterprise-grade sales enablement platform.

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Among its many capabilities, it shines as a content management system that provides up-to-date versioning, predictive content recommendations for each deal, and analytics to show reps which content makes the most impact. Get the most from your content by making it more accessible, measurable, relevant, and powerful.