Telephone Collection call Scripts & How to respond to Excuses (The Collecting Money Series Book 13)

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You will learn how to notice a red flag with an account that you are calling and be able to avoid disaster by taking specific steps based on your knowledge of what is happening with that particular account. This book will help anyone who owns a business and needs to call customers that are past due.

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It will help accounts receivable clerks who make calls to delinquent accounts; it will help credit managers who make collection calls or "your account is on credit hold" calls. This book will also help collectors who work for a third party collection agency. This book is meant to be a guide for bill collectors.

I have shared with you actual and specific steps I have taken in my years of doing collection work that have worked well for me. I have found that when making collection calls and dealing with excuses, you must be firm, tread lightly, have compassion and treat the account carefully. Treat the account not the customer like a child who needs your guidance and help to get this paid. This has worked very well for me and I have successfully collected more money than other collectors based on following these steps. Read more Read less. About the Author A 27 year debt collection industry veteran, entrepreneur, award winning author, self-syndicated columnist, one of the Top 5 Women in Collections and one of the Top 50 most influential collection professionals in her industry, Michelle Dunn is the author of many books.

No customer reviews. Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review. Most helpful customer reviews on Amazon. This book pretty much tells you what March 29, - Published on Amazon. Verified Purchase. This was a very good book. This book pretty much tells you what to say and how to deal with those difficult customers.

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My favorite that is not in the book is, "This is your job really? To call people when they're late? I have read a few collection books and this is one worth buying. It's hard being in collections and this author helps address the problems we face. June 11, - Published on Amazon. Available for free download in. This special RSD release from Air is an EP pressed on g clear maxi-vinyl with blue, red, and yellow splatters, in a thick transparent sleeve with a cool Japanese style sash on the side.

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