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Reavis' Draft of 'comoros' Draft of 'davy crockett' Draft of 'douala, cameroon' Draft of 'england' Draft of 'ffb5ffdebec85b. Guess, Tavia Benjamin, and Brian K. McBride James H. Glasrud Joan Smalls johannesburg, south africa John A. Alexander Miss Pravala Miss Sahel Mission to Gelele, King of Dahome : with notices of the so-called "Amazons" the grand customs, the human sacrifices, the present state of the slave trade and the negro's place in nature, A by Sir Richard F.

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Mosaga Moons Abridged eBook: Chante' Bright, Karen Bright, Lucinda West: Kindle Store. Mosaga Moons Abridged eBook: Chante' Bright, Karen Bright, Lucinda West: Kindle Store.

Langstaff What Is Love by V. Eleanor Kenny You! It might as well have been placed at fifty miles distance from it. Thus was the castle won ; however some of the Indians, seeing the place ready to be taken, set fire to their own houses, and perished in the flames ; others were slain in the assault : about five thousand of them fell during the siege of that city ; and so great was their valour, that few came alive ipto the enemy's hands.

Cur- tius next proceeds to give us an account of a sedition which arose among the soldiers against Alexander, where, among other things, they complained, lib. Most of his commentators have taken nocice of this place, particularly Mr. Le Clerc, in the Criticism prefixed to this work ; for which reasoa I shall say no more about it. This they accordingly performed, and many Indians were there slain. In the mean while he led his forces to the capital city of the Malli, whither, he was informed, many of the inhabitants of other cities had fled for their better security. The Indians, seeing him and his forces now in the middle of the river, retired hastily, yet orderly, from the bank, and were pursued by Alexander; but when they perceived that their pursuers were only a party of horse, they faced about, and resolved to give him battle, being about fifty thousand in number.

But he has sufficiently exposed the error in the eleventh chapter of this book; and so has Strabo, lib. But Plu- tarch, Strabo, and Arrian, who have given the best accounts there- of, are against them. Vide Bongarsii Comment, ad Justin, p. On the morrow, bavmg divided his forces, he took the oommaod of one part of the army himself, and hating given the other to Perdiccas, attacked the walls ; and wlien the defendants were unable to endure the violenoe thereof, they fled, and retired kito the castle.

Jastm tells us, lib. I cati see tie reasoa why it should not, and better too. Cuftlus says, lib. However, he resolved ra- ther than to continue exposed in that station, where nothing was to be done worthy notice to cast, him- self directly into the castle, imagining that such an action would strike a terror into the besieged, or at least it would add greatly to his glory, and if he died tliere, he should gain the admiration and applause of posterity ; upon which he immediately leaped down into the castle, where fixing himself against the wall, some of the enemy, who rushed forwards upon Him, he slew with his sword, and among the rest the Indian general ; others, as they advanced towards him, he Smote with stones, and beat them back ; but upon their second, and nigher approach, he slew them also with his sword : so that the Barbarians durst now no more attempt to come within his reach, but gathering about him, at some distance, threw their darts, and such other weapons, at him, as they had, or could find, from that station.

However, no author, besides himself, tells us any thing of his entering the town with the other three. When Curtius has suffered Alexander to lean against an old tree, and fight for three whole pages, he tells us, lib. If they climbed up the wall, were none among the whofe army so good at climbing as they? The ladders were all broke before, according to hi9 own account. And again, when those four entered, one by one, on the other side, wherever that side was, the defendants had they not been drunk or asleep might have done their business, one might think, before they could have reached the place where the king ' was.

However, we need be in no great pain upon that account for Arrian has cleared up all those doubts, by assuring us, that they mounted the wall immediately after Alexander, and in the same place, before the ladders broke. Cortius has made Akxander race we this wound among the Oxydracae.

For the city belonged to that people, and it was from that people he received the wound. The Malli indeed designed to have joined their forces with the Oxydracae, and so to have given him battle ; but Alexander's hasty and unexpected. This digression I have made, that the writers of history may be more careful in relating the particular circumstances of great actions, and inquire more narrowly into the truth of whatever they deliver to posterity.

Thirdly, It is not very probable he should stir out in seven days, nor before his wound was pretty well healed up. And Plutarch says, p. Fifthly, The report of his death was not among tbe Barbarians or Inifians, for that could not have done bim mncb injury, but it was spread among the Macedonians, and his owa people, which caused him to make as much baste as his health would permit, to show himself among theu, for lear of an insur- rection. He is lavish of them here, and prodigal, even to a fault. If he goes on at this rate, he may chance to run out bis whole stock of lies, and be forced at last to speak truth, in spite of Us strongest incUnationt te the coattary.

Whxm Alexander came to the knowledge of this, he began to fear that an insurrectioii might happen; for which reason, as soon as bis health would admit, he ordered himself to be conveyed to the banks of tlie river Hydraotes, and from thence down the stream to the camp, which was nigh the confluence of the Hydraotes and Acesines, where Hepbsestion had the comoMmd of the army, and Nearchus of the navy. When the ship which had the king on board approached in view of the camp, he ordered the cover of bis royal pavilion to be hoisted upon the poop thereof, to be seen by the whole army.

But neither yet did many believe hrrii to be alive, but that the ship was bringing his dead body ; tilt at last he drew near the shore, and stretched out his right band to the moltitMde.

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Then a load shout was raised for. And when the targeteers, upon his coming on shore, brought the bed or Utter whereon he had been carried before, he refused it, and ordered his horse to be made ready, which having mounted, he again received the joyful acclamations of the whole army,. Let all the nations in the world come against us, with the greatest force they can raise ; let them fill the whole earth with arms and men, cover all seas with ships, and oppose us with the most monstrous and unheard-of beasts,. Or which of us could survive you, if we would?

The same author. About this time arrived. But if it seemed good to Alexander, foi;asmucb as he was jiiso. Cortiiif Alexander's expedition. Those thousand, chosen out of the best and clioicest of their nation, were accordingly sent, and with them five hundred chariots of war, with 'their charioteers, over and above his demands. The king then employed himself in settling the lioruts of Philip's government that way, and bounded it with the meeting of the ' Acesines and Indus, leaving him all the Thracian horse, and as many out of other troops as were necessafy for.

He then ordered a city to be built at the confluence of these two rivers, imagining that by the advantage of such a situation it would become rich and populous ; and there he caused some ships to be built. However, he goes on, " Thence he passed on to the Sabracians.

Besides, the names of people and countries are so vari- ously given us by authors, that were it not for some particular circumstances in the stories related concerning them, we should be prodigiously at a loss oftentimes to distinguish one from another. Neither the Xathri nor Ossadii are mentioned by Cur- tius. Then the goyernnient of the whole country, from the con- flluence of the Acesines and Ipdus to the sea, as also.

He then adds, " thai Oxyartes was accusedi of some sinister de- signs, on account of a late revolt in Bactria, where his lieutenancy was, but cleared himself so well before the king, that.

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This, Curtius adds, lib. Many did, indeed, return from other colonies into their own country, some of whom Curtius un- doubtedly mistook for these. But he says, it was built some where among some nations, whom he vouchsafes not to name. See lib. Plutarch, Sab- bas, p. But Gjonovius'inriagim s this an.

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Well, search was made, and the herb being found, was applied'to their wounds ; and so' all that were sick were then cured : whereupon the Bar- barians finding that their design had failed, delivered up their. While these things were in agitation, news arrived of the revolt of Miisicanus; wherefore Python the son of Agenor being dispatched with a sufficient force against him, he attacked the cities belonging to him, and demolished some of them, and erected castles and planted garrisons in others ; and having executed his orders, returned to the camp and fleet, carrying Masicanus along with him in chains.

Alexander ordered him to be crucified in his own territories, and with him as many of the Brachmans as had insti- gated him to a revolt. Alexander restored him to his govern- ment, commanding him only to provide all neces- saries for his army when they arrived there.

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He says, lib. The rest of the army, except those forces which he bad on board his fieet, was commanded by Hephaestion. His readers may, with good reason, ask him how Craterus came there, because the last time they heard from him he was in India.

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Craterus seems here to duck down in India, and pop up his head in Gedrosia ; like the British queen, who is said to have sunk at Charing-Cross and risen again at Queen- Hitlie. Alexander having notice of this insult of the Barba- rians, sent othor forces to join with the former and carry on the work with safety. Nigh Pattala the river Indus divides itself into two vast branches, both whereof carry the same name to the sea.

If this be allowed, he differs not mtich from Arrian. But Mr. But what increased their astonishment was, that the tide returning a short while after, began to heave the ships up, so that those which stuck in the mud were gently raised and set afloat again, without receiving any damage ; but those which lay upon the sand were some of them swept away by the fury of the tide and dashed to pieces, and others driven against the bank and destroyed. These losses being however repaired, according as the time would allow, Alexander sent two long galleys before.

Having there sacrificed some bulls to Neptune, be threw them into the sea ; and having poured forth a libation and offered sacrifices, after giving thanks to the god, he threw the golden goblet and other vessels overboard, praying that the fleet, which he now re- solved to send under the command of Nearchus into the Persian Gulf, and thence up the mouths of tlie Euphrates and Tigris, might go safe.

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Thex returning back to Pattala, he found the castle built, and Python with his forces there, having exe- cuted his orders. Besides, he is mistaken every way, for Alexander began bis march directly, and Nearchus, the admiral or commander-in- chief of his fleet, was ordered to forbear to set sail, not till the spring, but, on the contrary, till the Etesian winds ceased, which tne inhabitants informed him happened annually about the setting of the.

Pleiades or the beginning of November , and that from that season to the winter solstice, or middle of December, was the best sailing along that coast. When be bad sailed far down the left branch, and was now nigh the mouth thereof, be came to a certain lake, formed either by the river Sfyireading wide over a flat country, or by additional streams flowing in from the adjacent parts, and ma- king it appear like a bay in the sea. Then gomg on shore with a party of horse, he travelled three days along the sea coast to view it, and try if he could find any bays or creeks to secure his fleet from storms.

He also ordered many wells to be dug, to supply his navy with water; and returning to Pattala, dispatched a part of his army to help those who were employed in digging the wells along the coast, and orcfered them, when they had finished their work, to re- turn thither. For at that time, while the coun- try is refreshed with great rains, gentle breezes of wind arise, extremely commodious for those who try the sea there, as well with oars as sails.

Nearchus, the admiral of this fleet, lay waiting for this oppor- tunity to set sail.

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But Alexander, departing from Pattala, marched with a sufficient force to the river Arabius.