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But like the town of Holt, this ensemble is a veritable community unto itself, made up of young and old, veterans and newcomers.

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And newcomer Josh Clayton is disturbingly effective as the smirking, privileged jock Russell Beckman, the teen thug who commits unspeakable acts with sadly believable impunity. But the emotional heart of this town and this piece beats inside the old McPheron brothers, and Mike Hartman and Philip Pleasants deliver performances audiences will cherish.

But here, Hartman can only be as good as his partner, and the simple onstage fraternal bond he shares with Pleasants is something rare indeed.

Pleasants, a Southern gentleman by birth and a Shakespearean elocutionist by training, surely had to work hard to subvert his natural Virginia baritone to corral the cadence of the Colorado plains, but he pulls it off. In a way, Haruf does these two characters no favors by allowing only them no evident flaws. This is necessary to establish his overall theme, but could have been greatly limiting for the actors.

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Hartman and Pleasants nevertheless create fully fleshed portraits of two thoroughly original characters who are simple without being simpleminded. While unlikely, their taking in of pregnant Victoria when asked is just what small-town people do when called upon, And luckily for us, the scenario is loaded with sweet comic potential. After all, the same brothers who can routinely glove up behind a cow and do what ranchers do to check on the status of a foal, are utterly incapable of simple conversation with a girl.

Clearly, these men need her as much as she needs them. By remaining isolated and untouched for so many years, these adorable old coots have somehow remained more naive and childlike than the Guthrie boys who are being forced to grow up far too soon.

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One of the great things about world-premiere plays is that they have not yet been published, so lessons might still be learned and incorporated before publication. One opportunity for trimming might be a party scene in Denver when Victoria has run away.


Plainsong Lesson Plans include daily lessons, fun activities, essay topics, test/ quiz questions, and more. Everything you need to teach Plainsong. Students learn about the contributions of medieval composer Hildegard of Bingen and about the characteristics of plainchant.

One slight suggestion as far as the staging is to more greatly vary the transitional music, which grows repetitive with so many scene shifts. The evening ends satisfyingly but thankfully, not tidily.

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Full Score. Gordimer, who died at age 90 on July 13 the same day as Thomas Berger , wrote two dozen works of fiction, personal and political essays, and literary criticism over the course of a year career. So he shows up at the castle, looking up and calling her name. This year will see her short story collection, Black Glass, re-released in hardcover. I was especially excited to see them because they always wanted to do so many things with me. Order our Plainsong Lesson Plans.

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