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Eat it hot from the slow cooker, or cold, piled between two slices of French bread. Bacon, garlic, and red wine imbue humble chuck roast with robust flavors and character. Rich beef-bourguignon flavor grows as the meat transforms from simple to extraordinary in your slow cooker. Serve sliced or in chunks over Creamy Mushroom Grits. King Ranch, of course. Our favorite side dish?

Dare we say mac and cheese? All of the flavors of one of our favorite casserole recipes come together in the filling comfort mac and cheese. Packed with cellentani pasta, buttery onions and peppers, diced tomatoes, and two blends of creamy cheese, this mac and cheese dish sets a high standard for all other sides and main dishes.

Serve this five-star dinner dish to your family, and it will become a quick favorite. I make it weekly now. Skip the bucket of fast-food fried chicken and return to the classic, skillet-fried crispy chicken. You can even add lard or butter to the oil, for super-special occasions.

4 Meals Anyone Can Make

Serve with our Perfect Mashed Potatoes to complete this classic Southern meal. Brunswick stew is not one of these recipes. But trust us, the results are worth every minute. Purchase your barbecued brisket from your favorite local shop, and stir in to make this comfort dish fit for your family. Do you want delicious chili but don't want to wait all day?

This simple-to-make chili recipe only has six ingredients, but you'll marvel at its slow-cooked flavor. Simmering the ground beef is probably the hardest part; once you've finished that, you just pour everything else in, and stir. If you prefer an Italian-style take on Minute Chili, spice this up and use 1 pound of ground sausage and 1 pound of ground beef.

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Whether you prefer a traditional chili or you would like to enjoy some Italian-infused flavors, this easy-to-make chili will always be ready when you are. And a true Southern chef also knows that this perfect side is often collard greens.

Packed with vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium, and iron, collard greens are a type of cabbage that does not develop into a head of lettuce. This recipe fixes the greens up with some traditional Southern flavors. A steaming hot bowl of hearty soup served out of a toasted bread bowl warms our hearts in such a distinct and fulfilling way.

This comfort soup requires some prep work, but the soul warming worth every minute. Sirloin tip beef roast is coated in flour and seared for a crispy finish, and a healthy load of vegetables gives the soup simmering flavor. Make a huge pot, and freeze leftovers in an airtight container for up to three months.

Add a bit of canned broth when reheating to reach desired consistency. Our caramel cake has competed against plenty of fancier and more complicated cakes, but it still satisfies our sweet cravings in ways that other cakes never do.

Rich and moist from a container of sour cream, dense from butter and eggs, and sweet from sugar, the cake is simple and satisfying. What's more comforting than chicken, cheese, and tortillas? Layers of tender shredded chicken, onions, bell peppers, creamy soup, diced tomatoes, green chiles, garlic, and chili are separated with flaky tortillas and sharp shredded Cheddar cheese.

It is filling and oh-so-rich, so you will not need to spend time making a fancy Southern side dish. Try serving it with a simple garden green salad, or roasted broccoli, for an easy and delicious weeknight meal. This classic dessert is one of those sweet treats that you can whip together with minimal effort. This staple cake comes together with only 6 ingredients that everyone keeps on hand; you can jazz it up to suit any occasion. The original recipe dates back to the s, and calls for a pound of flour, a pound of butter, a pound of sugar, and a pound of eggs.

A lot of soft, dense, sweet, and absolutely perfect cake.

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Test Kitchen Tip: Sift the flour prior to adding to the mixing bowl for a smooth cake that will best absorb icing. These potatoes are perfect for all occasions, from weeknights to special occasions. No potluck, church supper, or pot roast is complete without a bowl of steaming mashed potatoes, served with a large wooden spoon.

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Super flavorful and super easy. This delicious mac and cheese is light on butter and cheese, yet still melts in your mouth. We love this recipe so much that we asked for more like it! Try one of our four flavor variations for a perfect twist on the traditional flavor, like pepper jack, sweet pea and prosciutto, pimiento, or ham and broccoli. We made it even heartier by adding roasted potatoes to the traditional mix of Andouille sausage, Cajun seasonings, and veggies. The key to any great gumbo all starts is all in the roux.

This recipe calls for a caramel-colored roux, but some Southern chefs prefer to add a subtle burnt flavor to their gumbo pots by slow simmering the flour and oil until its deep, dark, and smooth like chocolate. Make sure you monitor the roux at all times — if you burn your roux, the whole gumbo will taste wrong. Instead, use deli roasted chicken in place of skinned and boned chicken breasts. With a scoop of sugar, a dash of flour, plenty of eggs and a heavy serving of cream and butter, this fresh corn casserole comes together with fresh corn kernels. A perfectly Southern side for holiday potlucks and dinners like Thanksgiving and Christmas, this southern corn pudding also works great at summertime barbecues and Easter brunches.

The result is an impressive Southern side dish that the entire party will love.

75 Cheap And Easy Dinner Recipes So You Never Have To Cook A Boring Meal Again

We like to add chopped fresh chives to the top. A creamy filling of vegetables and chicken covered by not one but two flaky crusts makes this double-crust chicken pot pie one of our best-ever chicken pot pies. This meal is appropriate for any occasion! I've made this for friends and family and they we very impressed and pleased. A warm bowl of chicken and dumpling soup can turn around even the rainiest day. Handmade dumplings come together with just a few ingredients, and add rustic flavor to the deliciously creamy dish.

Boiling and cooking the chicken at home saves cost and creates a rich broth that you can only get from scratch, but adds time. This traditional pecan pie recipe is versatile and delicious. For a rich, holiday flavor, try using dark corn syrup. For a lighter and clearer pie, use light corn syrup. Both variations received high marks in our Test Kitchen. Our favorite part about Shrimp and Grits that it is so quintessentially Southern that it works for any meal — breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, or even as a midnight snack.

Nobody ever turns down buttery, rich Shrimp and Grits. Packed with crispy bacon, buttery shrimp, fresh mushrooms, chopped green onions, garlic, lemon juice, and cheese, this dish is as impressive as it is delicious. Great for summer, fall, and every season, this sweet cobbler suits any occasion.

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Covered in a golden-brown, latticed crust made easy from refrigerated piecrusts, the filling is where the real flavor lies. Gooey, sugar-covered peaches envelope crunchy local pecans. Test Kitchen Tip: Make sure that you take the extra minutes to toast your pecans. Toasted pecans have a much more delicate flavor and crispy texture than their raw counterparts, which often taste waxy. Serve this classic Southern dessert with a dollop of sweetened whipped cream for a dessert that everyone will love.

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On a fall day, a hearty chili hits the spot. This Southern spin on a classic Tex-Mex dish is the perfect combination of spice and soul-warming comfort food. This hearty beef chili features boneless chuck roast and a medley of traditional chili seasonings, like cumin, paprika, onion powder, garlic, and red pepper.

A dash of oregano makes this Southern beef chili anything but ordinary. Serve with Skillet Cornbread for a complete meal. This easy slow-cooker recipe comes together with minimal preparation. Overloaded with boneless pork shoulder, new potatoes, onions, lima beans, and corn, this stew will satisfy your entire family.

Rich flavors of barbecue sauce and brown sugar simmer together in this easy-to-prepare slow cooker soup. For extremely tender meat that's easy to shred, try cooking on low heat for a long time. Although it produces a quicker meal, high heat yields a less tender product. This classic Southern comfort dish has that savory, melt-in-your-mouth taste that every Southern chef seeks. Serve with green beans, mashed potatoes, and plenty of gravy. If you love store-bought cinnamon rolls made from a can, then you have got to make the homemade version — you will jump for joy after tasting how much better the homemade version is.