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The command of Jesus is couched in the context of condemnation of people who demand to be regarded as superior to others. The very fine Protestant New Testament scholar F. Bruce has made the same point.

There is no better discussion of this than the one offered by perhaps the most famous of all Protestant spiritual writers, C. For this chapter and much else, the book is highly recommended reading. The bottom line is that we believe, as Catholics, that this process is one that is both necessary and one in which we can assist others with our prayers and spiritual sacrifices Rom. Paul thought so, too.

So, just as we pray for one another here in this part of our pilgrimage, we pray for others who are in the final part of their pilgrimage. Is this really necessary? After all, God is love I Jn.

Questions for Roman Catholics

True, but our God is also a consuming fire Heb. How does God mix mercy and justice for me personally? The existence of an image does not automatically mean that they are worshipped. Yet we honor the saints, and we often ask them to pray to God with and for us as we ask our brothers and sisters in the Church to pray for us. A clear distinction is thus made between Creator and creatures, however special. Behind this question is a long history: on the one hand regard for, and on the other hand suspicion of, images of any kind.

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It is part also of the great 7 th century effort to rid Eastern Christianity of all images the iconoclast controversy. It can be seen in the spiritual approach of the 12 th century reform of the Cistercians, who wished to purify Benedictine monasticism of what they regarded as excess of art, image, and wealth. It is, finally, part of the Calvinist and Puritan rejection of decoration of any kind in churches of the Reformed tradition.

Roman churches had statues; therefore it was reasoned , statues were wrong.

What did St. Thomas Aquinas believe about “ensoulment?”

Catholic Questions and Answers – One of the best ways to learn is to ask questions. Interestingly, the most significant summary of our Catholic faith was written. You're out at a social gathering and someone knows you are Catholic. Their curiosity, without fail, prompts them to ask questions that always.

Thus, if anyone seems to be praying while standing or kneeling in front of an image, it is not the image itself to which the prayer is being addressed. Insofar as it is a saint, the prayer is actually a request for prayer; insofar as it is an image of Christ or a depiction of the Trinity, the prayer is full-fledged prayer.

Catholics, like faithful Jews, can enthusiastically pray the words of the Shema, Yisrael as found in Deut. We also enthusiastically use images to help focus our prayer, for we know that in Jesus, the ultimate image of God icon ; Col. The Sacraments are given to the Church by Christ so that the whole person, not just the soul, can be engaged and healed.

And we do not just ask for forgiveness in our hearts, we actually speak the words of our sins and hear the words of absolution and forgiveness authoritatively spoken to us. This is how spiritual healing begins.

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So the confessing is done in complete confidence and security of its privacy. The priest holds up a mirror to you so you can recognize what, by yourself, you could not have seen or known. After all, humans are tremendously good at rationalizing!

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So come to Reconciliation, name the Beast, and receive out loud the promise of grace and pardon, and the beginning of healing. And she is especially beloved. She is also a creature, redeemed through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.


Some anti-Catholic people want to insist that we worship Mary. Some fanatical Catholics actually would want us to worship her! But the teaching of Catholic Church surely disappointing both sides! God was made flesh, through the birth of Jesus Christ. He was both Divine and human. His suffering was for us and caused by us as humans and we must not forget that. It is easy for people to revel in the Resurrection because it is the happy ending to the tragedy of the Passion of our Messiah.

The crucifix is a constant reminder of the price of sinning and to how far Jesus' Love goes to save all of His children from the fires of Hell. The agony that Jesus endured for us through the Crucifixion is a reminder that The Lord was willing to die for us so that we could have life in Heaven. We should be humble, grateful and strive to be more like Him each time we see it.

Interpreting Scripture

Some have said to me that He was Resurrected and that is what we should focus on ,to which my reply is this. I pray to God and I know that Jesus is not dead. I know that He is resurrected and I honor that. As a human being though, its very hard to not constantly be asking God for help and for this or that or to complain about things going on in my life.

I strive to share things about my faith with my Protestant friends. That is a key element that we must not forget in todays times. Christians, both Catholic and Protestant , are being persecuted, tortured, kidnapped and murdered. All of this because they refuse to renounce the Love of the Messiah, Jesus Christ. We must all pray for them and for each other. Let us work together to bring love upon the world in His name.

I have been Catholic since birth and I am very grateful for the gift my parents gave me in raising me in the Catholic Church. I have travelled my entire life as a military child and now a military wife. My husband converted to Catholicism in , before the birth of our 3rd son. We have been married since and have 4 sons and we live in Abilene, Texas.

I am a freelance writer and aspiring poet. Toggle navigation. Here are some of the questions and my answers as a lifelong Catholic who is still learning. This is referenced in this Scripture passage: John Jesus said to them again, "Peace be with you. Question 2: Why are their more books in a Catholic Bible? Question 3: Why do Catholics pray to Mary? Related Categories:.

Defending the Faith. Mass and Sacraments. If the phrase "let each man before he convinced his own mind" means that he is able to interpret Scripture on his own, then doesn't that contradict the official teaching of the Roman Catholic Church which denies you the right to interpret God's word regarding faith, morals, and doctrine in a manner inconsistent with what it proclaims?

How many verses has the Roman Catholic Church officially, infallibly interpreted? It is extremely low. How then do you know what is actually correct? Jesus Can you, as a Catholic, pray directly to Jesus, not going through Mary, and ask Jesus to forgive you of all of your sins?

John , "If you ask Me anything in My name, I will do it.

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If you were forgiven by Jesus, then do you need all the rituals and sacraments of the RCC in order to be forgiven? Mary Do you really believe that Mary is able to hear and understand the prayers of millions of people all over the world, simultaneously, in different languages, spoken, and thought?