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As the narrative spirals further, both the characters and the reader come to realize that instead of a life-changing discovery, the explorers may have brought about a death-wracking monster. Struggling is how you get stronger. The peerless Alan Moore put aside V for Vendetta and Watchmen to write this graphic novel, bringing to life the world of Jack the Ripper and his reign of terror in the s. We have a wonderful cast of characters and a fantastic set up. Can Matt convince them he is undead long enough to stay alive?

The writing is metaphorical and skillfully done. Recommended for grades 6 and up. Contains: mild to moderate violence, mild myth-based sex, implied cannibalism. Reviewed by: Sheila Shedd. Multiplex Fandango by Weston Ochse. Over the years I have heard nothing but good things about the works of Weston Ochse. Having never read anything by him, I was looking forward to having the opportunity to check out his collection, Multiplex Fandango.

I was happy to discover that everything I had heard was accurate. Multiplex Fandango is a collection of sixteen of Ochse's short stories and not a one is disappointing. Reading through this collection, I could easily see that Ochse cares about what he writes, as his feelings pour out onto the pages. I'm sure favorites will vary by reader, but there is something for everyone in this stand-out collection.

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This was my first, but definitely not last, adventure into the mind of Weston Ochse. Highly recommended! Four Legs in the Morning is a compilation of three short stories that can be read individually; however, they all intertwine and are best read together. All three stories center on Dr.

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Sibley, chair of the English department at Grayson University, a man you never want to cross. Each story describes in terrifying detail what can become of those who attempt to slight Dr. Sibley; but did Dr.

Sibley actually do anything to them? The answers are unknown, as they should be.

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This is a literary work in its truest form. He has a gift for language and description, bringing his characters and settings to life. Prentiss is the epitome of a story weaver; each of the three stories intertwine, relate back to one another, twisting and turning and bringing you right back to the beginning all over again.

Recommended for adult fiction collections; however, since this is a Signature Series title, it might be difficult to purchase because of the limited quantity and its price. Cut Corners, Vol. Sinister Grin Press, All three stories were terrifying in a different way and most enjoyable. For readers not familiar with these three authors, this is a great introduction to each of them. For a new press, this is an impressive first lineup and will leave readers curious as to what will be coming out next from this small press.

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Highly recommended for all library collections. As librarians and horror fans make arrangements to purchase the latest Sherlock Holmes movie or TV series video collection, may I also suggest picking up Gaslight Arcanum: Uncanny Tales of Sherlock Holmes to add to your display? The third anthology of a series of Gaslight Sherlock Holmes compilations the others being Gaslight Grimoire and Gaslight Grotesque , this short story collection with a supernatural edge is both a notable and a noble tribute to the Great Consulting Detective.

However, this aside, the book is well worth purchasing. I recommend Gaslight Arcanum for Sherlock Holmes fans and anyone who enjoys a good mystery. Contains: gore, violence, the supernatural. Available: New, Used, and digital.

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For most people, there is nothing more terrifying than waking up and going into work day after day. Peter Giglio shows just how valid this fear is as he brings together twenty-five authors and stories in Help! These are just a few of the magnificent and utterly terrifying stories in this collection. Do yourself a favor and read this book… unless, of course, you think it will make it that much more difficult to get out of bed in the morning. Consider yourself warned! Gathered Dust and Others by W. Brock and William F. Available: Limited edition trade hardcover.

The Devil's Coattails edited by Jason V.

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Cycatrix Press, Available: Available: Limited editiontrade hardcover. Nolan, Melanie Tem, Jerry E. Airth, J. Salamoff, Marc Scott Zicree, W. Snyder, Richard Selzer, Gary A. Braunbeck, and Paul G. Bens, Jr. There are thousands upon thousands of horror fiction anthologies. What separates one book from the masses?

The Grant anthologies come to mind here. When I was a young horror reader, I got excited each time I went to the horror section and saw the latest edition of Shadows or Night Visions which continued for a few editions after Grant's death. I couldn't wait to open the book and see who was in the table of contents.

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The Bleeding Edge was in many ways the most solid and groundbreaking anthology in the genre of dark and weird fiction in some time. The quality of paper and production is amazing. It is the kind of book you want to take care of. It looked the treasure it was; the authors represented spanned several generations, ranging from Ray Bradbury to John Shirley, and also including young hip-snappers like Cody Goodfellow and Lisa Morton. The editors also made the bold decision to include several formats, including screenplays, teleplays, poems, and fragments, rather than sticking to the traditional structure of a straight prose collection.

Once again, almost the entire book is filled with masterpieces. Only two stories didn't work for me, both by authors whose work I respect. I love Gary Braunbeck, and consider his horror novel Prodigal Blues to be a masterpiece, but his story in this book went over my head. I intend to go back and read it after I have explored more of his work.

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This is a beautiful, amazing and special book. I am not sure if Brock and Nolan are planning to publish a trade edition. I hope so, because the masses should read this book.

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A Book of Horrors book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Antologia di 14 racconti horror a cura di Stephen Jones (titolo. A Book of Horrors [Stephen Jones] on ziescaladerti.cf *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A collection of original horror and dark fantasy from the world's best.

Reviewed by: David Agranoff. Monsters of L. In Monsters of L.

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For example, this collection starts off with a very well-known monster, Frankenstein. Jekyll in this story is in the process of creating a new method for gender reassignment, but instead of testing it out on animals, decides to test it out on herself with some adverse effects. Not only was this story fun, but it also made me groan out loud!